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What exactly is a wood Colour Stain? A Colour Stain is a spirit based liquid available in a variety of different colours and is used to alter the natural look of pine flooring. If you like to experiment with different coloured units and wall paints in your home then why stop there! We will provide you with Colour Stain samples on your newly sanded floor for your approval. We have a beautiful range of whitewash, (bleached effect) mid to dark honey tones, right the way through to rich dark walnut and gray stains to choose from.

Our showroom at 144 Portland Road in Hove displays our Colour options for you to browse. We always recommend allowing us to provide you a sample of your chosen stain on your floor at the time of the floor works as some colour variation may be expected  between your floorboards and the boards we have used in our shop.

We apply your chosen Colour Stain using clean cloths directly to your freshly sanded wood floor. One member of our team will soak a damp cloth in the stain and apply this using back and forth strokes while the second team member uses a dry cloth to wipe off the excess. Once the stain is fully dry (in super quick time!) your floor can be finished/sealed using Lacquer or Oil. 

The beauty of a wood floor Colour Stain is that while traditional 'paints' are completely opaque and effectively 'hide' the wood, our stains are designed to show off the wood grain once applied, so none of the beautiful character of the wood is lost.

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